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"Always Earned. Never Given"

Josh Allen, the starting QB for the Buffalo Bills sent this email to 1,000 College Football Programs. To find out why he did it and how he got to the NFL, CLICK HERE



The QB School is an outstanding source to increase your QB IQ and to get detailed breakdowns of big games and future stars from a QB perspective. A ton of informative videos. QB SCHOOL YOUTUBE CHANNEL




Confused about recruiting? Don't be. If a future NFL QB has to work hard to get recruited (see Josh Allen Post) then you will too. You will have to hustle and work at it, but most of all, have a plan!!

Know what you want to study, your GPA, develop questions to ask coaches then research schools that fit your plan and message coaches at those schools.

Coaches want players who are prepared. Your plan will make you stand out in the recruiting process.


Fairfax Football Academy

January QB/WR Small Group Training Schedule CLICK HERE

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