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Know your audience. The purpose of your HUDL highlights should be to have a college coach evaluate your ability to play for their program.


First Things First.

When a coach clicks on your highlights, they want to know:



Graduation Year


This information should be on your opening slide.

The 2nd slide will have:

Head Coaches Name

Contact Info (email and/or phone#).


60-90 seconds

College Coaches are experienced professional evaluators. They will quickly assess if you have the ability to help their team. If they like what they see, the next steps are to evaluate your game tape and to contact your Head Coach.

Put Your Best 1st

You only have 60-90 secs to make an impression, so make sure your best plays are up front.

Trim Those Clips!

When a coach is evaluating a QB, all they need to see is the snap and what you do with the ball in your hands. Eliminate pre-snap shenanigans and post catch 50 yd runs by the WR.

I Play Multiple Positions.

If you play more than one position, 1st segregate your clips. 2nd, create a slide for each position you play. This will let the coach know what they are about to see.

QB Spotlight or No?

Your choice, but consider that every college coach knows how to locate the QB on film, so spotlights are redundant.


Not needed -remember your audience! If you do add music make sure the lyrics are clean and positive.


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