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Greatest undrafted player ever? I'll let y'all debate that. But Kurt Warner's journey has enough twist and turns to make a Roller Coaster woozy. A lot of significant moments but living in the basement of his wife's parents, working the night shift at a grocery store and running out of money and gas with his family in the truck were huge turning points.

This video is a good overview of his career

As Always, Please Google/YouTube and do a deeper dive on Mr. Warner - his journey is worth knowing.


Lets Get Better

HOF QB Peyton Manning does an entertaining show called Detail: From the Mind of Peyton Manning.

With his famous wry humor and football IQ, Peyton provides insightful analysis of the top QBs in the NFL


friDAY Thought

Micheal Jordon played JV as a Sophmore

  • Scottie Pippen started college as a manager

  • Denis Rodman didn't play High School Basketball

  • Steve Kerr had no offers until AFTER his senior year

  • Yet, there are players trying to commit as 8th graders, worrying about exposure and constantly comparing young age groups......

Roll up your sleeves, plant your feet, sink your hips and Just Get Better!!


FEBRUARY Qb training

See You On The Field!

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