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A Reminder: From Little Acorns, Big Oak Trees Do Indeed Grow

"Coaching Beyond The Xs & Os"

When we are raising, coaching and developing young people, we can forget we are working with the future.

To remind myself to coach the "future" well, I often pull old pictures and videos, to make sure I have the right perspective as I approach a QB Training Session.

Today's reminder.

  • 7 of the 8 QBs below have taken snaps in High School -Westfield, Champe, Woodberry Forest School, Oakton, Fairfax, Woodson (2).

  • The 8th QB (an 8th Grader) has to wait one more year.

  • 5 of them have been selected for USA Football National Development Teams.

  • 5 of them will be Varsity Starting QBs in 2017

  • 2 of them have been selected for the USA International Bowl Game-Twice!!

  • 2 are nationally ranked by

  • 2 have taken Varsity snaps as High School Freshmen

  • 1 is already a 6A State Champion.

  • Most importantly, ALL of them are Scholar-Athletes!!

How will you coach the "future" today?

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