"Coaching Beyond The Xs & Os"

When we are raising, coaching and developing young people, we can forget we are working with the future.

To remind myself to coach the "future" well, I often pull old pictures and videos, to make sure I have the right perspective as I approach a QB Training Session.

Today's reminder.

  • 7 of the 8 QBs below have taken snaps in High School -Westfield, Champe, Woodberry Forest School, Oakton, Fairfax, Woodson (2).

  • The 8th QB (an 8th Grader) has to wait one more year.

  • 5 of them have been selected for USA Football National Development Teams.

  • 5 of them will be Varsity Starting QBs in 2017

  • 2 of them have been selected for the USA International Bowl Game-Twice!!

  • 2 are nationally ranked by QBHitlist.com.

  • 2 have taken Varsity snaps as High School Freshmen

  • 1 is already a 6A State Champion.

  • Most importantly, ALL of them are Scholar-Athletes!!

How will you coach the "future" today?

We Train And Develop Some Of The Best QBs In The Area. Join Us!

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  • Coach Thompson

As a Coach, I have learned to pay careful attention to how individuals and teams process information. As a QB Trainer, understanding how a QB processes information is paramount.

1 on 1 QB Training

All the physical skills in the world cannot overcome a information processing deficiency. Athletes process information in 2 basic ways.

1) Information Drives Decision Making. This is the most common method. Good Reps, Organized Practice Structure and Film study leads the Athlete/Team to make accurate decisions - they play well and have success.

Small Group QB Training

2) Decision Making Drives Information. This model warrants close scrutiny due to the high risk/reward nature of the outcomes this method can produce. Some athletes who use this model can seem like "mavericks" - they may not practice hard, seem like they are not paying attention and not appear to study film. But if you measure their effectiveness, it becomes obvious that they collect information to drive decision making. They just do it differently.

ON THE OTHER HAND, there are athletes who decide to make a decision, simply because they want to. Their decision making impulses are self-centered. At the apex of their decision making, their minds are completely void of any concern, other than how the pending decision will make them feel.

These type of athletes are privately (among coaches) called "Coach Killers" because they destroy team focus and get coaches fired.

If you coach or run an organization, your team will improve immediately when you get rid of "coach killers" asap!

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