• Barry Thompson

4 Tips For Choosing a Youth Football Program

Choosing the correct flag or contact football program can be a challenging task. Use these 4 tips to inform your decision making.

Word of Mouth. Seek out parents and people in the community who have experience with the program you are considering. Often, these conversations can lead to solid suggestions for you. And remember to research the Leaugue your club plays in to see if there are any red flags.


Face to Face. If your club doesn't have a pre-season meeting for parents - set one up. Contact and meet with a club administrator to get a feel of the program and how is it run. Also, get an understanding of parent expectations for fundraising and volunteering.

Safety. Football safety involves more than helmets. 62% of all youth sport injuries occur in practice. Are the coaches certified? How does the club prepare coaches to coach? And make the effort to visit practice fields. Are they safe and playable?

About the Equipment. Good programs take care of their equipment. Ask to see it. Are helmet certification dates current? What is the condition of the shoulder pads? You can tell a lot about a program by looking at the equipment.

Finding the right youth football program can be a challenging. So, do your homework and ask the right questions. Youth football is a great sport, but make sure the:

  • Program is solid

  • Coaching is good

  • League is reputable

  • Equipment and Fields are safe

It takes work to find a good program, but your player is worth the effort.


Barry Thompson is one of the most successful QB Trainers in the DMV, owner of the The Fairfax Football Academy, a high school football coach and a former Youth Football Commissioner.

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