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How To Choose A Summer Football Camp

Parents frequently seek my opinion on Football Camp Programming. In the past decade, I have developed 3 rules of thumb that will help all parents - Youth Fun, Middle School Skill, High School.


Youth Players (6th grade and below). The operative word is FUN! When I was a Commissioner of a Youth Football Club, I frequently reminded coaches that "common sense" had not left the players they were coaching. Meaning, if something was not fun, they would not enjoy doing it. Captain Obvious, Right? But it is surprising how often adults forget this simple fact. So, when choosing a summer football camp, pay close attention to what your youth player thinks is fun.


Coaching an 18 yr old is vastly different than coaching an 8 yr old. Look for Coaches who have experience working with your player's age group.


7th and 8th grade is an age of great transition. Youth Camps are "boring" and High School Age Camps often exclude younger players. Middle School Football events can be found. But, in my opinion, Middle school players should seek Skill Acquisition, Learn how to get in and out of a proper stance, Learn how to tackle, Learn how to block, Learn how to throw, Learn how to catch, Learn how to run pass routes. Mastering the fundamentals will help prepare your player for their final Youth Football Seasons and get ready for High School Football.


During this age, players need to pay special attention to flexibility, systemic strength development and work to increase over all athletic ability.


The good news is for most High School Football players, the summer is mapped out by their High School Football Coach.- Morning/Afternoon lift & conditioning sessions, Team Camps, 7 on 7 Camps & Big Man/Front 7 Camps.

What about Recruiting?

More about that in a separate Blog Post


Weight lifting and conditioning are important, but those who wish to excel, will consistently find time to get on the field to do position work - the drills and skills needed to master their position. Doing position/field work on a consistent basis can be a lonely pursuit that pays great rewards on Friday in the Fall..

Coach Thompson is a 10 year coaching professional whose experience spans being a successful FCYFL Youth Football Commissioner to being a QB Coach in the USA Football and Elite 11 National Camp programs..

Coach T is the Head QB Coach for the Fairfax Football Academy which specializes in the development of QBs youth to College.

This July, Fairfax Football Academy & Aim High will join forces to stage a non-contact football clinic for players ages 8 and up.

Currently Coach Thompson is the QB Coach and Offensive Assistant for the defending State Champion, Flint Hill Huskies (Oakton, VA)

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