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5 Tips For Camp Season

From June to July, Prospect Camps, 7 on 7 College Showcase Tournaments and Satellite Camps, fill the calendar and give High School players a chance to "audition" for College Coaches.

Frequently, it is the small (but important) things that result in a great camp experience.

If you are serious about College Football, choose the right Camp and present the best version of yourself.

5 Tips

DON'T WASTE TIME OR MONEY - Camp at schools that fit your talent level. Camping at Clemson or Alabama might be cool, but are they going to recruit you? Yes, then go! No, then consider another Camp.

DRESS FOR SUCCESS - Get a hair cut, remove all bling, make sure your gear is clean and presentable. Programs, on all levels, spend a ton of money making their players and coaches look good. Look the part. They take pride in their appearance. Take pride in yours.

COMMUNICATE - Email Coaches in advance to introduce yourself and let them know you are attending their event. Go to the website and fill out a prospect questionnaire. Do not wait until the last minute. This will require time and effort. Your note should be brief. Present basic contact info, & Include highlight clips if you have them.

IT TAKES A VILLAGE - Let your Head Coach know which events you are attending. In life, nothing of value is accomplished alone. The recruiting process will involve your family, friends, teachers, teammates and Head Coach. Keep them all informed.

SAY THANK YOU - After the Camp is over, tweet a thank you at the program, Use a picture in your tweet. This is good manners and everyone likes to acknowledged for their efforts. Every one.

Finally, work hard to be the best player you can be because the #NextOnes are coming and they are hungry :)

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